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ConEd Testing

Use any zip code within ConEd territory, such as 10040, to specify ConEd as the utility in Connect. ConEd uses utility account numbers, rather than username and password, to authorize access to utility accounts. The authorization flow is as follows:

  1. The customer is asked to supply their utility account number to Connect
  2. Arc requests access to the utility account from ConEd on your behalf
  3. ConEd emails the customer asking them to grant or deny access
  4. Utility account data will begin to flow shortly after the customer grants access

Please note that real ConEd accounts currently can only be authorized when using the live API mode We recommend performing ConEd testing using ConEd test account numbers below which can be re-used repeatedly (after deleting the associated user that gets created). The special ConEd account numbers are available for testing purposes. When used, Arc will automatically return data as if a user clicked the approve button within the triggered ConEd authorization email. The 11-digit account numbers contain several components that correspond to different parts of the available test behavior, which are described in the tables below.

Scenario numberAccount configurationUtility statements available?
0001Active electric accountYes
0002Active gas accountNo
0003Closed electric accountNo
0004New electric accountNo
0005Encounters an error gathering Utility Account detailsNo
0006Encounters an error discovering historical Utility StatementsNo
0007Active commercial electric accountYes
Credential status numberResult
0001The credentials will be verified and the data corresponding to the specified scenario will become available
0002The credentials will be rejected
0003The credentials will behave as if a credential verification error occurred
Credential timeoutDescription
0No timeout delay
1The credential verification response will be delayed until after the Connect front-end component times out