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Supported Service Types

Details on the variety of supported provider service types (eg. electricity, water, etc.)

Service Types

A service type refers to the metered commodity consumption that a Provider charges a customer for. Examples of service types include electricity, water, and natural gas. Providers may deliver a single service type or multiple and it may vary based on customer. A full list of all the service types and their definitions is below.

Core and Supplemental Service Types

Plug does not support all service types equally. Plug's data model represents resource consumption as meter readings of a commodity. A provider bill, delivered at a regular cadence, is based on the associated meter readings for a billing period. These bills contain details on usage amounts and line item charges. Some of the service types that Arc supports are a very good fit for this data model (e.g. electricity) and we can populate rich usage and charge line items. However, some service types aren't based on meter readings and/or are not delivered at a predictable cadence (e.g. propane for which a large tank is filled irregularly).

Plug categorizes all service types into two classes: Core service types and Supplemental service types. A Core service type has strong data model fit. A Supplemental service type does not.

Plug's aim for Supplemental service types is to provide at least enough data on the total charges related Supplemental service types such that the sum of all the charges across all the service types on the bill equals the total bill amount. This can be used for bill auditing purposes. We don't recommend attempting to leverage detailed meter usage information simply because that information is often not provided by the provider in Supplementary service type bills. Additionally, we prioritize product fixes for issues related to Core service types.

Currently Supported Service Types

Service TypeClassificationDescription
Natural GasCoreMethane delivered via pipelines into gas meters at homes and businesses.
ElectricCoreElectric power delivered via transmission and distribution lines to homes and businesses.
LightingCoreIndicate municipal lighting which is often charged based on bulb type rather than electricity usage. If we find distinct lighting line items on a statement, we create synthetic Lighting meters to make the bill add up properly across service types.
WaterCorePotable water delivered via pipes to homes and businesses.
SewerCoreWaste water being removed from homes and businesses. If we encounter Sewer usage without Water, we clone the Sewage meter to create a synthetic Water meter, including the usages & charges of the original, and then set the service type to Water.
IrrigationCoreWater transported in larger pipes for commercial purposes which may not be held to the same potability standards.
SteamCoreHot water vapor delivered via pipes, typically used for tasks such as heating, sterilization, and cooking.
District HeatCoreAlso known as District Cooling. Centralized air heating system that generates heat at a central location and distributes it through a network of pipes to multiple buildings or units within a specific area. Note that Arcadia currently maps “District Cooling” bills to this District Heating service type for simplicity.
Chilled WaterCoreWater that has been cooled to a lower temperature at a central location for use in air conditioning and cooling systems.
Fuel OilSupplementalFuels, including gases and oils, except propane which has its own service type, that are delivered on occasion to fill reserve tanks on a property.
PropaneSupplementalSub-type of Fuel Oil, a combustible gas fuel.
SanitationSupplementalBulk waste removal from dumpsters and bins, typically measured in tonnage (colloquially referred to as ‘waste’).
InternetSupplementalAccess to the world-wide web.
TelevisionSupplementalCable television access.
Landline PhoneSupplementalPhone service.
TelecomSupplementalDeprecated service type that was previously used to categorize all Internet, Television, and Landline Phone service.
Other Service TypeSupplementalCatch-all for any other types of service that is most often used for maintenance performed in support of some other "supported" service eg. equipment rentals, work orders on a service, water heater rentals on Natural Gas accounts, or underground power lines in support of Electric accounts.