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Building Meter Level Usage Data CSVs

How to build a CSV file that contains the meter level usage you are interested in.


The Dashboard allows you to download site usages for multiple sites. To do that, you will need to navigate to the site tab of the Consumption page, select the sites you want to download usages for, and click the "Download selected" button. The downloaded CSV will contain meter-level usages for the selected sites.

Console - Download Site Usage CSV

Dashboard - Download Site Usage CSV

Sometimes, it might be easier for you to build your own CSV download via API rather than navigating to it through the Dashboard UI. This Guide will show you step-by-step how you can build your own CSV file.

Example Workflow


Create a CSV file of all meter level usages for a selection of Sites


Downloading via API is a two-step process

Step 1: prepare the download by specifying what you want to download e.g. statements for multiple accounts, statements for a single account, credentials, meter and statements for multiple sites, and statements for multiple sites.

Step 2: fetch the file download


  1. Get all relevant entityIds for the Sites you want to obtain usage data for by using the GET List Sites endpoint.
  2. Get the entityIds for all meters in the Sites from step 1.
    • Use the GET List Meters endpoint and specify the search query parameter with the siteId from step 1.
    • You can build the search query with this Guide.
  3. Create the download request.
    Add the array of meterIds from step 2 to the download request by using the GET Download Meter Usage endpoint.
    ⚠️ Note that the maximum number of meterId is 500. If you need to download data for more than 500 meterIds, you will need to make multiple requests. However, size of the download does not impact the execution of this endpoint.
  4. Get the downloadable CSV file.
    1. Option 1: Poll for the status of the download request until you are able to download the CSV.
    2. Option 2: Wait for the file to be emailed to you.
      • When the CSV file is ready for you to download, we will send you an email with a link for the download. The email we will send the download link to is the email of the org user who created the auth token for the API request.


How long do downloads take?

If you are downloading close to 500 meters usage data, please expect the download to take around an hour.