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Customizing Connect

Connect handles standard data submissions requirements without any setup required. Your Connect instance can also be customized in a few ways to fit your company's requirements.


Are you looking for the legacy Connect customization documentation?

Documentation about how to customize the Legacy Connect originally launched with Utility Cloud can be found here. This documentation refers to the version of Connect that was launched with the Dashboard on January 4, 2024.

There are two primary ways to configure Connect. One way is through adjusting the settings from the Dashboard > Config > Connect page. The other is through URL query parameters. The Connect URL structure consists of the Base URL (https://arc-connect.arcadia.com) followed by an Organization ID (unique for each customer), and then URL parameters. A question mark is used to indicate the start of the parameters and an ampersand is used to separate any following parameters. The standard syntax of the URL looks like this:


Workflow configurations

The Connect workflow can be modified to blend better into your existing workflow. You will be able to pass in parameters to constrain the workflow to a specific provider and remove the "Connect another account" button. 

Option nameDescriptionURL query parameter name
Provider IDBy passing in a provider ID, Connect will skip the provider selection and start the user off on the credentials page. This will also disable the back button and the breadcrumbs.providerId

Legal documents

Connect provides the ability to set the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If either is set, Connect will require that the user checks the box saying they acknowledge these. If you do not have a Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, no consent mechanism will show. These fields can be configured in Connect from the Dashboard > Config > Connect page.