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Adding a Correlation ID in Legacy Utility Cloud Connect

Learn to use a Correlation ID to identify your customers within Utility Cloud


Correlation Id's are used to identify your customers within Urjanet's system.

When your users connect their utility account, their request can be viewed alongside all other requests in Urjanet's system. Without a correlation Id, there is no identifier that ties each request back to the customer in your system.

Correlation Id is an optional parameter that can be appended to your Connect URL. 

Format: https://connect.urjanet.com/*_?correlationId=_testing123*

Step 1: Submit a test request

To add a correlation Id, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Copy your Connect URL from Console > Settings
  2. Paste into the address bar and add the correlation Id (.....?correlationId=)
  3. Submit a request via Connect 
  4. View the results in the Correlation Id column of the Console > Data Requests page

Step 2: Automating Correlation Id from your system

The correlation Id can be a variable sourced directly from your system. The best way to source a correlation Id value depends on how your customers will access Connect.

The example below describes the steps to add a correlation Id to an email. Similar steps are followed to add a Correlation Id within a webpage.

  1. Open the button where the Connect URL will be added.
  2. Add a dynamic variable to the end of the URL. For example: https://connect.urjanet.com/organizationId?correlationId=user123

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