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File Statuses and Status Details Definitions

Definitions for all possible file statuses and status details; a mapping of legacy status and status details with the corresponding current ones.

We will give you as much information as possible throughout the file processing journey through statuses and status details. For example, in addition to telling you that a file is in REJECTED status we will tell you all rejection reasons applicable via the fileDetails field.

Possible status transitions

Possible status transitions diagram

Possible status transitions diagram

Status and status detail definitions

QUEUEDREADY_FOR_PROCESSINGArcadia has started processing the bill.
REJECTEDPROVIDER_UNIDENTIFIABLEArcadia is not able to obtain the provider name from the bill.
SERVICE_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTEDArcadia does not currently support the service type of the bill.
LANGUAGE_NOT_SUPPORTEDArcadia does not currently support the language of the bill.
REQUIRED_DATA_FIELDS_MISSINGArcadia is not able to obtain one or more required fields from the bill.
BILL_INSUFFICIENTLY_LEGIBLEArcadia is not able to read the bill. This could be due to the structure of the bill, image quality, or the uploaded bill containing multiple statements (or invoices).
TIMED_OUTArcadia was not able to process the bill within 2 weeks, therefore the bill is timed out.
IN_PROGRESSIDENTIFYING_PROVIDERArcadia was not able to automatically detect the provider. Our staff will try to identify the provider name from the bill.
BILL_ANOMALY_FLAGGEDArcadia has identified some anomalies on the bill and has started reviewing the bill to ensure accurate data extraction.
DATA_EXTRACTION_FAILURE_INVESTIGATION_STARTEDThe bill has failed automated data extraction. The bill will be reviewed for further processing.
DATA_AUDIT_FAILURE_INVESTIGATION_STARTEDThe bill has failed automated data quality audits. The bill will be reviewed for further processing.
COVERAGE_REQUESTREQUEST_CREATEDArcadia will develop an automated way to extract data from the bill.
IN_PROGRESSArcadia has started the development process for automating data extraction for the bill.
SUCCESSDATA_EXTRACTION_SUCCESSFULArcadia was able to extract data from the bill submitted

Webhooks behavior

For every status and status detail transition, we will send a webhook with the event type STATUS_CHANGE and subject type FILE as before. More details on webhook behaviors here.



The following section is only relevant to Utility Cloud customers who have been using the files processing capabilities before December 13, 2023.

New and legacy status and status detail mapping

From December 13, 2023, onwards, all files will have the updated status and status details, regardless of when they were uploaded.

If you have been using the files processing capabilities before December 13, 2023, you can use these mappings to understand how legacy statuses and status details map to the current statuses and status details.

New and legacy status mapping

Legacy status nameNew status name

New and legacy status detail mapping


How status mapping works

This is a best-effort rough mapping of status details between the legacy and the new ones. As the new statuses are more specific than the legacy statuses, legacy statuses details could apply to more than one new status detail. The table below shows the default mapping we are using.


File.fileDetails is now an array

The legacy fileDetails were type string. The updated fileDetails are type array, an array of strings. This means more than one status detail can be returned for a given status. Please see our API reference for more details.

Legacy status detail nameNew status detail name
In Progress
Unsupported Bill Format
Input File Corrupted
File Processing Timed OutTIMED_OUT