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Managing Users in Console

Learn how to add, delete and modify users in your organization.

Create & Modify Users

To add a new user, click the pencil icon in the top-right of the My Account Page. You will need to provide a username, email address and role. The new user will receive an email with instructions to set up his/her account.

User Roles

User RoleDescription
AdminCan view and edit the Billing tab, and modify Urjanet Connect configurations. Can also create & delete users. Admins also have all permissions of Standard users.
StandardCan view and download data, see providers, and view Urjanet Connect configurations.
No AccessCannot access Urjanet Console, but could potentially access other Urjanet systems. This is common for organizations that use other Urjanet products & services.

To modify a user, click and edit any of the information in the user list. 

Deleting Users

Click the trash icon to the right of each user. Complete the steps in the modal. Users can be re-added at any time through the create user workflow.