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Console Statuses

This page gives an overview of various statuses mentioned in the web Console (https://console.urjanet.com). These aren't all directly correlated with statuses in the API, but it will be outlined how to reproduce them.

Credential Status

Console StatusDescriptionAPI Search
AllThe full list of all credentials in the systemN/A
IssuesThe list of all credentials that aren't in a successful state/credentials?search=status=in=(ACTION_REQUIRED,PENDING)
EnabledThis list of all credentials for which the system is extracting data/credentials?search=enabled==true
DisabledThis list of all credentials that have been disabled; the system will not attempt to extract data for these/credentials?search=enabled==false

Account Status

Console StatusDescriptionAPI Search
AllThis full list of accounts in the systemN/A
NewThe list of enabled accounts that were first discovered in the past month. The date value in the search is dynamic based on the current date./accounts?search=enabled==true;firstExtractedDate=ge=2023-10-16
OldThe list of enabled accounts with OLD status, which means that it's been 15 days since we expected the next statement to post and we haven't yet seen it./accounts?search=enabled==true;status==OLD
EnabledThe list of accounts that are still being targeted for data extraction/accounts?search=enabled==true
DisabledThe list of accounts that are not being targeted for data extraction/accounts?search=enabled==false

Meter Status

Console StatusDescriptionAPI Search
Active MetersThis list of meters in the system that are up to date with the most recent statement./meters?search=status==CURRENT
New MetersThe list of meters that have been discovered in the past month/meters?search=createdDate=ge=2023-10-16
All MetersThe full list of all meters in the systemN/A
Missing SiteThe list of meters that are not associated with a Site record/meters?search=siteId=isnull=0

File Status

Console StatusDescriptionAPI Search
All FilesThe full list of files that have been submitted.N/A
Successful FilesThe list of files that have been successfully processed with statement data stored in the system./files?search=fileStatus==SUCCESS
Failure FilesThe list of files that resulted in a terminal failure (several reasons this may happen)/files?search=fileStatus==FAILURE
Pending FilesThe list of files that had an issue that we are investigating and may later move to a successful state/files?search=fileStatus==PENDING