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All user-specified searches in the API are done with RSQL. RSQL is a query language for parametrized filtering of entries in RESTful APIs. You can see more detailed information here, or see below for some quick tips and examples.

Logical Operators

  • AND : ; or and
    • ; must be URL-encoded as %3B - see Searching for enabled accounts with a specific account number example below
  • OR: , or or

Comparison Operators

  • Equal to : ==
  • Not equal to : !=
  • Less than : =lt= or <
  • Less than or equal to : =le= or <=
  • Greater than operator : =gt= or >
  • Greater than or equal to : =ge= or >=
  • In : =in=
  • Not in : =out=
  • Is null: =isnull=true
  • Not null: =notnull=true


  • Search for accounts with recent new statements
  • To search with wildcards, use * on either end of the string.
  • Searching for enabled accounts with a specific account number
  • Searching for meters within a specified list
  • When Searching for a term with a space in it, use quotes around the string
    utility/providers?search=providerName=="Georgia Power"
  • Searching for meters with a null meter number
  • Search for the sub accounts within a summary account