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Adding a Correlation ID to Connect

Learn to use a Correlation ID to identify your customers within Arc


Correlation IDs are unique strings provided by customers used to identify data returned by connected credentials as being related to a specific user within the customer's system.

When your users connect their utility accounts, their request can be viewed alongside all other requests in Arc. Without a Correlation ID, there is no identifier that ties each request back to the customer in your system.

A Correlation ID is an optional parameter that can be appended to your Connect URL. 

Format: https://arc-connect.arcadia.com/*_?correlationId=_testing123*

Step 1: Submit a test request

To add a Correlation ID, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Copy your Live Connect URL from Dashboard > Config > Connect
  2. Paste into the address bar and add the Correlation ID (.....?correlationId=)
  3. Submit a request via Connect 
  4. You can search the Dashboard > Credentials table for the Correlation ID you are interested in. The Credential Detail will link you to the associated accounts and statements.

Step 2: Automating Correlation Id from your system

The Correlation ID can be a variable sourced directly from your system. The best way to source a Correlation ID value depends on how your customers will access Connect.

The example below describes the steps to add a Correlation ID to an email. Similar steps are followed to add a Correlation ID within a webpage.

  1. Open the button where the Connect URL will be added.
  2. Add a dynamic variable to the end of the URL. For example: https://arc-connect.arcadia.com/organizationId?correlationId=user123

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