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Last Updated: November 6, 2023

The Utility Cloud API allows you to interact programmatically with the Utility Cloud Platform. Through this REST API you can perform a variety of actions, from connecting credentials to organizing utility data for a specific site location. This solution allows you to leverage utility data to conduct granular energy analysis and also enables sustainability initiatives. The data Arcadia collects is a historical data pull initially and then continues to extract the latest statement, payment, and meter data as it becomes available.

This document refers to a few different personas:

  • User - the person or program interacting with the Urjanet API (you)
  • Account Holder - the person whose data you are requesting (your customer)
  • Provider - the company providing the service for which the Account Holder is being billed (the utility)
  • Statements - a monthly bill sent to the Account Holder by the Provider

Base URL: https://api.urjanet.com

Download the OAS JSON file here