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Unless specified otherwise, the default page size for responses is 20 records. The size is limited to 100 for listing credentials, accounts, meters, statements, and sites. The size is limited to 5000 for listing providers. Specifying any number higher than that will still only return the maximum amount.

Specifying paging preference in the request

Here are the optional query path parameters for endpoints that support pagination.

page0Specifies which page of results to return; this is 0-indexed
size20Specifies the size of the pages that are returned
sortN/ADefaults to ascending order unless otherwise specified. Ex. "sort=accountNumber,desc"

Response structure

"page": {
    "number": 0,
    "size": 0,
    "totalElements": 0,
    "totalPages": 0

Field definitions

numberThe index of page number being requested.
sizeThe number of elements on a page.
totalElementsThe total number of elements across all pages.
totalPagesThe total number of pages.


  • Getting the second page of size 100

  • Sorting providers by 'providerName' ascending

  • Sorting a result set by two different fields