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List Webhooks

Arc can send webhook events for any notable events for recurring requests. For example, this could include if a new statement is available or we notice a credential is now resulting in login failure. This endpoint allows you to get a list of all the webhooks that are in the system. However, the system will not create any webhooks until your organization has configured a webhook URL. You can configure this using this endpoint or in Console via the Configuration tab on the My Account page accessible from the top right of the page. This endpoint is pageable.

Webhooks are deleted automatically after 30 days past their last send attempt date, except for Realtime Credential Validation (RTCV) webhooks, which are deleted immediately after successfully being delivered or after 3 failed send attempts. RTCV webhooks have eventType of either LOGIN_SUCCESS or LOGIN_FAILURE and may have a webhook URL different from the organization default if the credential was submitted via Connect.

Note that the webhook resources returned by this endpoint are not the same as the payload that is sent to the webhook URL. That payload is included in the message field as a JSON string in this resource which also includes more metadata about the webhook, such as the last and next send attempt times.

For more information on how webhooks work in Arc, see this page.

This endpoint supports Sandbox Mode.

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