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Tariff Selected

Webhook Event posted when a user going has selected their tariff through Connect's tariff selection mode

Request Body Schema

Property nameData typeRequired?Description
typestringyesValue: "tariff_selected"
dataobject (Data)yes


Property nameData typeRequired?Description
client_user_idstringyesYour organization's unique key provided to associate Arc resources with your user.
tariffobject (Tariff)yesObject derived from the Genability tariff selected by your user


Property nameData typeRequired?Description
idstringyesUnique id generated by Arc to identify this resource.
main_tariff_idstringyesThe 'mainTariffId' unique identifier for this tariff.
tariff_codestringyesAbbreviation code of the tariff used for this calculation.
tariff_namestringyesFull name of the tariff used for this calculation.
customer_likelihoodnumberyesHow likely any customer is to be on this specific tariff
has_time_of_use_ratesbooleanyesWhether a time of use rates are available for that specific tariff"
tariff_typestringyesWhat type of tariff was selected by the user"

Request sample

Content type: application/json

  "type": "tariff_selected",
  "created_at": "2022-09-30T14:15:22Z",
  "data": {
		"id": "123",
    "main_tariff_id": "123",
    "tariff_code": "EV-2A-TEST",
		"tariff_name": "Residential",
    "customer_likelihood": 61.72,
		"has_time_of_use_rates": false,
		"tariff_type": "DEFAULT",