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Utility Remittance - Create a Utility Remittance Item

Creates and schedules a Utility Remittance Item for a Utility Statement.
You can specify a date for remittance using scheduled_at. Note that scheduled_at must be a date in the future. If the date you specify falls on a weekend or a banking holiday, remittance will be scheduled for the next business day. If scheduled_at is omitted, remittance will be scheduled for the next business day.
When creating a Utility Remittance Item, you can specify how much to remit for the corresponding Utility Statement by specifying amount_cents. In most cases, this should correspond to the utility_charge on a Utility Statement. If amount_cents is omitted, the Utility Remittance Item will be created using the utility_charge on the specified Utility Statement. At this time, amount_cents cannot exceed 3000000 cents ($30,000). Note that overpaying or underpaying the amount on a Utility Statement comes with risk. This field should be used with caution.
Please note that this endpoint is rate limited to 200 requests per 10 seconds. You will receive a 429 error if you exceed this limit. Please wait and try again. The RateLimit-Reset header will indicate when you can make another request.

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