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Arc Statements Data Model

How data is structured in the Arc Platform.


Get to know the Arc Statements Data Model before you get started with the Dashboard or APIs.

This guide will provide a high level orientation for how data obtained from utility bills is structured. Familiarizing yourself with the Data Model before getting started with the Plug Statements product can help you fine the data most relevant to your use case faster.

Entities in the Data Model

ProviderThe entity providing service and issuing bills (informally known as a utility).
AccountDistinct trade lines within the end-user's utility credential. Statements are issued to Accounts.
CredentialsThe set of information (often, but not always and not limited to, username/email and password) used to access an online Account on a Providerโ€™s website or data portal
BillA document, typically in PDF form, that details line items charged for and billing account information issued by a Provider.
StatementThe processed, standardized, machine-readable entry within the platform that represents the content of a Bill issued by a Provider.
Meterone or more devices that record consumption on a Statement.
SiteEnables grouping meters by a location or another logical grouping for your system.
TariffThe set of rules used to calculate charges from commodity usage.

Provider Classifications

ProviderA utility that provides commodities in a market with no competition, acting as a monopoly. In these cases, there is no Main or Additional designation for the provider.
Main ProviderA utility in a deregulated, open-competition, market that serves as the statement publisher (i.e. issuer) of the Bill.
Additional ProviderA utility in a deregulated, open-competition, market that serves as a pass-thru utility mentioned within a statement published by another utility (i.e. the Main Provider).

Account Types

NormalThe most common subtype of an Account. It is a single Account that has no sub-accounts. This is not a provider-determined account type.
Summary AccountA sub-type of Account which is used to tally up all the charges across all the Sub-accounts owned by the same Account holder.
Sub-AccountA sub-type of Account that has a master tracking account (i.e. a Summary Account).


The Main and Additional designations for providers in deregulated markets and the Normal account type are designations created by the Arc Platform.

These are not designation assigned by the utility.

  • Whether a Provider is a Main or Additional Provider depends on the context of the Bill.
  • When an account is not a Summary Account nor a Sub-account, it is a Normal Account.


Summary Account and Sub-account designations for accounts are designations created by the utility.

Utilities created this way to organize data in order to make tracking charges more convenient. Utilities typically only do this for commercial Accounts.

Data Model Scenarios

Scenario 1: When an account is a NORMAL account

Scenario 2: When a SUMMARY and SUB_ACCOUNT are present

Scenario 3: When an ADDITIONAL provider account is present